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Kodaris Platform

Platform RED

You have spent years building a successful company and know your unique market. Why doesn't every company have their own SaaS platform? Why should you wait for a tech company to build a SaaS application to disrupt you? Meet the RED platform.

Much more than software

We believe in designing technology around you and your market. Drive us with your industry knowledge, and we will implement your future.


Deep and relevant technology consulting aligned with your business to drive revenue and make you more efficient.



Delivery of custom-tuned software that makes your digital transformation a reality.



We are with you through every step of your transformation.


What to expect?

We believe in always doing the right thing no matter what.

Proper Fit

We do not want to waste your time or ours trying to accomplish something when you would be better served with a different solution.

Minimum Risk

The goal is to reinforce that we have collaboratively came up with the right solution, it will work as intended, and warrant further investment. We will never ask you to sign a long term contract up front.

Return On Investment

Our team understands business and our top priority is delivering Revenue and Efficiency which translates into ROI. In that spirit, we identify a Proof of Concept or Phase as a first step in the overall project.

The RED Platform

Kodaris is committed to building long-term relationships and strategic partnerships with each and every customer.

Kodaris Platform


Customized pricing Quote to cash Locations, Inventory Logistics Commerce, Payments
Kodaris Platform


B2B Industries B2C Verticals Omni Channel Back Office Delivery
Kodaris Platform


Customer onboarding / KYC Expense or budgeting apps Online accounts Payables Payments
Kodaris Platform

New Solution?

Kodaris can build your product from idea to production faster and less expensive than anyone in the industry.


Kodaris above all, values its customers, team, and partners. Everyone is important for us all to be successful.


Start your journey with us

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Do you hate sales people that waste your time? We do. By reaching out to us, we promise to just have a chat and discuss where there might be common ground to work together. Don't worry, we promise not to spam you.

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