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Why We Created The Marketplace
Tony Zakula June 3, 2020


As we watched the COVID-19 crisis unfold, the economic shutdown, and millions of Americans around us losing their employment - we wondered what we could do to help. Yes, we donate to food banks, shelters, and other causes, but what could we do to really help those in need in a big way? We began Kodaris over six years ago to create opportunities for others.

A few weeks into the shutdown, a friend of mine, Andy Finch, reached out to me to introduce a group of business owners whom he was helping free of charge. It was called the WFL coalition - a group of companies who wanted to provide products made in the USA to support urgent shortages in healthcare. He let me know that they needed a website and some help with digital tools to track supply and demand. I said, "I'm in! Is that all I need to do to help? Our team will gladly volunteer some time and funds." And that is how was born. Warfighter Focused Logistics founded the coalition and worked with us to create a quick and easy way for manufacturers and business consumers to connect and transact.

As things progressed over the next month or so, Andy and team were assisting folks to convert manufacturing processes to produce Personal Protection Equipment. We heard things like, "We are literally scraping the bottom looking for things for our employees to do and not shut down." We started brainstorming between Andy, Paul Kovarovic, Darrell Kem, and myself how we could expand the scope of the coalition. Something that could possibly make a much larger impact. Out of these discussions, the Kodaris Marketplace was formed. A service to connect supply and demand, assist US manufacturers in ramping up production, and even invest in US manufacturing. The team has a depth of experience across manufacturing, distribution, and logistics.

A service to connect supply and demand, assist US manufacturers in ramping up production, and even invest in US manufacturing.

I remember in the eighties when the US was at the whim of foreign dictators for oil prices that would affect millions of US households. Technology changed all that. We now produce our own supply of oil, and in turn create thousands of US jobs while keeping energy prices low. In recent months, we have experienced the vulnerabilities during times of urgent need when our current supply chains for critical products depend on communist countries. The time is now to bring back the millions of US jobs we sent to countries controlled by communists who work against the US and our allies. This effort requires collaboration between those buying and selling to match supply with demand at competitive prices. Together we can reinforce our foundation of US and allied nation manufacturing.

Kodaris continues to support existing customers with technology and services. Our commitment to you, our partners, has not changed. The marketplace initiative is above and beyond our everyday business.

We are just getting started with much more to come. Please join us in our effort to bring manufacturing and supply home to the US and to help secure our future.

Tony Zakula

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Tony Zakula, Founder & CEO


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