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Tony Zakula

Founder - CEO

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Advisor - CEO of Star

About us

Kodaris was founded by three experienced entrepreneurs each bringing decades of experience in designing, building and delivering complex technology systems and solutions for customers. Each founder is, and has been, an entrepreneur for most of their career. Our culture and DNA is built to deliver for our customers. We believe that our success should only be a byproduct of our customer's success, utilizing our products and services.

Kodaris Mantra

We believe in always doing the right thing no matter what the consequences are.


Over the last twenty years, Tony has been involved in Ecommerce, Financial Services, Mobility, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Accounting, and much more. Many years of experience managing both the business and technical sides of business has given him deep insights into how technology can be used to solve and improve complex business problems and processes.

His real passion, though, besides learning everything about anything, is creating that win/win situation to improve business and, in turn, people’s lives.

The Problem

One of the things that becomes very apparent when working with enterprises and brands is that they would like things their way. Their brand, their work flow, their ideas implemented around a hard part of a solution. After all, they have built a successful business already. SaaS applications do not accomodate the needs of enterprises. They accommodate the features and flows that will work best for them. They are in business for themselves. Some enterprises even do business with new market entrants, if for nothing else, to get the features they want in a SaaS product because young companies are more willing to provide features for revenue.

Kodaris Vision

When we began Kodaris, we founded it on the vision that we could accommodate customers to have it their way in a secure, audited, and scalable SaaS application. It did not have to be a choice between off the shelf and change your process, or build it yourself. It could be that the hard part of the application is complete and you adapt it to your needs but reap all the benfits of a massively scalable and secure SaaS application for you and your customers. This is the vision implemented today and that we will continue to mature into the future.

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