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Finding the right solution

No matter what the challenge, we will work to find you the right solution.

Honest Consulting

The first phase of our services is getting to know each other and assessing whether our solutions are a good fit for you. Once we determine there is a good fit for both of us, we work to break the project into phases or pieces. This accomplishes vetting together, what we think the solution, is and how to achieve success together. You, the customer, are our long term partners and our mutual success is tied together. We believe in always doing the right thing no matter what the consequences are.

Solution Design

Solution design encompasses much more than technology. Designing technology around your new, current or improved business processes is what will give you the competitive advantage. Many companies are forced to work around off the shelf software. Our design team will consult with you on the entire solution including the user experience, business process, and technology. Our team understands business and our top priority is delivering ROI.

Project Management

You know your business better than anyone, but you may not have the in-house skill set to hire or manage every skill set needed to implement your solution. As part of our service, we will hire and manage one hundred percent of the resources needed to implement your solution. We do not have every skill in house, but in conjunction with our partner network, we do. By allowing to do this for you, we take the responsibility of the overall project and delivery. You can focus on your business and work with us on your solution.

Delivery and Support

With every successful project comes the roll out and what is next. Changes, updates, questions, and evaluating overall success. As part of our partnership with you, we will provide roll out support, training, platform support, sales and marketing support, and other services you need to be successful. Not every enterprise understands how to be a tech company, and that is okay. We are here to fill any gaps you may have so that your solution will be successful.

Efficient solutions delivered through an agile, standard process


From your first email or call with our team, we begin collaborating with you on how to best accomplish your goals in the most efficient, economical way possible. This phase will lay the ground work for a pilot project and the broader solution.


The design phase is an exercise to create and envision what the solution will be. Design is not just about mockups or flows, it is also testing assumptions, rigorous exercise of assumptions, and producing something visible that will lend itself to better understanding what the overall soltion will look like when implemented and if it will produce the intended ROI.


Development will be to implement and produce the existing designs. Testing and changing along the way based on feedback from stake holders and potential users. Development will follow an agile process with testing and QA.


Successful solutions require planning, design, development and implementation. Technical partners many times leave you on your own or to a third party for implemetation. Our goal is to be there every step of the way with you to help ensure that your project is successful. We have sold, marketed, trained, and implemented solutions in the field side by side with our customers. It is part of what we do as a partner with you.

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